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Every aspect of what's happening will only make sense if you follow the paper trail.
>wait a minute, the original animal host was never found
>hold on, RaTG13 is fake
>that's odd, the WIV has poor safety standards
>now, hold up, the WIV had funding from EcoHealth Alliance?
>and they had funding from the NIH, DTRA, and USAID?
>and their P4 lab was built with the help of Alain Merieux, whose company's former CEO, Stephane Bancel, is now the CEO of Moderna?
>and Shi Zhengli is a colleague of Ralph Baric, who Peter Daszak told not to sign the Lancet lab leak letter, and who was cited by Anthony Fauci as his "man in North Carolina?"
>and Ralph Baric took delivery of Coronavirus mRNA vaccine-related materials co-owned by NIH and Moderna on December 12th, 2019, before an outbreak was even announced?
>wait, what the hell? Charles Lieber was arrested due to his ties to the Wuhan University of Technology? And he was a colleague of Robert Langer, one of the cofounders of Moderna?
>Charles Lieber was working on silicon nanowires that can be used as a nanoparticle brain-computer interface?
>wait, DARPA is working on nanoparticle brain-computer interfaces? And DTRA are figuring out ways to penetrate the blood-brain barrier?
>Spartacus Letter V4: https://mega.nz/file/yN8CWJ4I#v2eqhAyT3VPBRMt67l3Yg6AMOjU_OH9nP0BfAEPfxQw
>Mission Statement: https://mega.nz/file/WF8gHRKZ#ACNrO1xcYI2xCSu3b_31N4Hm8RZmKmVnub5Bm_z0Tqc