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VERY SOON RUSSIA INVADES LITHUANIA THEN POLAND AND UKRAINE. Wilno will be totally destroyed and after 8 hours Poland will be attacked. Warszawa will get hit with drones and got totally destroyed even more than in ww2 from Kaliningrad and Czechia will try to help Poland but all of its territory will be totally destroyed, Only safe place is Bulgaria and Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Germany will be destroyed with new weapon that shows to be yellow dust.
USA will be scared because it will escalate so quickly that Cold War in comparison with what's going to happen is nothing.
Don't ask me how I know this but its going to happen this year
And other thing
what are the strongest mantras to get rich and wealthy.
Im 15k dollars in debt and jobless. I want to transform it into
>I am debt free and have amazing job.
what mantra to chant, can I chant while playing games?