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CIA Anon`s last post. Just so everyone knows what is coming. Have a great Christmas. BB

China releases a mutated virus in South Africa, the Russians are tired of our shit, Israel and Iran ready to kick it off, China going for Taiwan. Do you feel it? We are in the final days of civilization as we know it. While I am here to witness it I am heading for my boat and my whores in the Caribbean for the final act. And to top it off we have a imbecile in the White House surrounded by Morons. BB has a sense of humor but this shit is too much. So many fuck ups so little time left. Yellowstone is shaking and here we are. On 12/26/2021 I will be drinking, eating fish, and fucking whores and will go to my fine captain`s chair to watch the whole fucking thing blow up. Good bye ladies. Say your prayers because nothing is going to stop this shit show.