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The vaccine kills the spike proteins in the variants except omicron. Theoretically this would stop the virus from replicating. And yet, somehow, the vaxxd have the same or higher viral loads than the unvaxxed, even though their spike protein is gone and the virus is either dead or entirely incapable of attaching to your cells.

So then, how the hell do the vaxxd have the SAME OR HIGHER viral load? Where could the virus possibly be replicating without the spike protein? And why oh why are the double jabbed LOSING 5% OF THEIR KILLER T CELL COUNTS WEEK TO WEEK?

Maybe these will help clear it up for you:

The vaccine causes your body to ONLY attach to and dismantle the spike protein. The same protein whose only purpose is to attach to the cellular receptors in your body to inject their viral payload. Coincidentally, this "naturally occurring" coronavirus conveniently also happened to evolve the same mechanisms of HIV to evade having it's genome tagged as foreign by our immune system. And coincidentally, the vaxxd are now suffering constant loss of the most important immune cells that fight covid19 in humans.

Upon reinfection with a coronavirus after vax, you acquire VAIDS as your killer T cells now host the virus. As was engineered.