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Murdoch Murdoch "Please go outside."

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Recently Murdoch Murdoch showed up in a MM thread and pretty much said that this place is really shit these days (shills, slides, demoralization, brother war baiting & anons falling for all of the above) and told us to please just go outside & get out of this place & go enjoy life.

So. ITT we tell the Murdochs we love them and what not but also tell them/him about us going outside
what we did, & promote that idea of making the choice to go outside as apposed to always being in this shit show known as /pol/ & encourage others to do the same

We can talk about things that are cool to get into, outdoor hobbies & such
Whitepill each other with the feels of being in nature

Personally I like setting up a hammock by the lake in the shade, reading a book & taking a nice long swim when I get to hot & also just floating with my eyes closed & feeling the warmth of the sun on my face & the sounds under the water are cool to listen to
it's tranquil & the world falls away for some time when you get into that space & experience the energy of it.

also how can promoting this lead to more political action from us & combating globohomo?