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omicron will still fuck us over even if it's less severe

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picrel is data from King County, Washington, which is highly vaccinated (77% vaxx rate and 92% vaxx rate for people 65+)
Hospitalizations lag, so the the actual rate of hospitalizations for the omicron variant is roughly ~1.3% rather than 1.1%
Delta has shown to have a 4.2% hospitalization rate

experts predict that Washington will see about 40k cases per day at its peak
source: https://www.king5.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/ihme-washington-covid-cases-omicron/281-2e779a7e-8859-45d1-9579-70c2bed268e1

At the peak of delta, Washington was experiencing roughly 4k cases per day with Delta
At the peak of omicron, it is predicted that Washington will see about 40k cases per day at its peak

4.2% of 4,000 = 168 hospitalizations per day
1.3% of 40,000 = 520 hospitalizations per day
NOTE: The hospitalization rate for state cases has been applied from the hospitalization rate of King county. King County has a higher vaccination rate so the % of hospitalizations should be a bit higher, which is worse.

TLDR: we're still fucked even though omicron is less severe.