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DIG THREAD | Gain-of-Function

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In 2014 Gain of Function was restricted by the US Government when
scientists informed government officials that this technique could
lead to laboratory accident and an uncontrollable pandemic.

Obama White House Science Czar John P. Holdren admitted in 2016 that
>We have a lot of cooperation with China on biomedical issues
>We talk to them all of the time about gain of function research
>And about gene editing
In a Nature Magazine interview published by Scientific American on July 5, 2016

11 days before Trump’s Inauguration, Holdren recommended lifting the U.S.
government’s prohibition of gain of function research to the Obama admin.

After Trump’s inauguration, the Director of NIH Francis Collins, on Holden’s
advice, took the recommendation to end the restriction on gain of function research.

The NIH is the parent institute of NIAID, which is Directed by Anthony Fauci.

Dec 19, 2017 NIH released “Notice Announcing the Removal of the Funding Pause for
Gain-of-Function Research”

Trump was not informed of any of this, according to U.S. Army Colonel Dr. Lawrence Sellin.

Let’s dig deeper…

People/Orgs of interest:
John P. Holdren
Peter Daszak
Sylvia Mathews Burwell (former COO of Bill and Melinda Gates Found)
Wan Gang
Bill Gates
David Rubenstein of Carlyle Group
John Thornton of Brookings Institution
Tsinghua University
Staple Street Capital (co-founded by Carlyle Group & Cerberus)
Dominion Voting Systems
EcoHealth Alliance