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/uhg/ - Ukraine Happening General #199

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>Invasion has begun
>Putin declares war on Ukraine
>Putin just spoke, announced a "special military operation" including "denazification" and "demilitarization" of Ukraine, calls on all Ukrainian servicemen to lay down their arms to be able to return to families
>Massive explosions and fighting being reported, including in Kyiv, Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkiv, and others- too many to list right now
>Russian airborne forces have taken control of Kyiv airport so they can fly in forces to occupy the capital city
>Amphibious assault on key port cities of Mariupol and Odessa are underway
>Ground forces are moving in from Belarus, Crimea and Russia
>Airlines have been told not to fly over any part of Ukraine
>Ukraine government websites hacked
>Multiple airports closed
>Cameras disabled at Crimea border
>Leaders of DPR/LPR officially requested help from Russia to fight back against Ukraine
>Malware targeting computers in Ukraine
>Reports of internet/TV/power/mobile blackouts
>Explosions and fighting being reported in multiple cities
>Ukraine's in now in a State of Emergency
>Multiple Ukraine banks and government sites hit by cyber attack today and went down
>Multiple countries have announced sanctions
>Russia evacuated embassy in Ukraine
>Putin just recognised the entire Donbas as independent, including Ukraine-occupied territory
>Nord Stream 2 suspended

Putin two days ago addressed the nation and gave a 45 minute history lesson. Called Ukraine Russian land and said he will show them real "decommunisation". Confirmed hit list - says he knows their names, will hunt them down. Also claimed Ukraine plans to make nukes.
He ended the speech by recognising the DPR and LPR
Speech: https://youtu.be/W57I2mzAr9c

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