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>over 24 hours since the blitz
>all initial suprise and initiative is gone
>absolutely abysmal gains made by russia
>only thing they can boast of is capturing is the abandoned nuclear wasteland of Chernobyl and snake island with a total population of 13 soliders
>critical vdv takeover of kyiv airport a complete failure, and reinforcements pushed back with heavy losses as well
>not a single major city captured
>Kharkiv, which was supposed to be taken within hours is still holding on strong
>endless footage of downed russian planes and destroyed equipment
>southern and eastern fronts completely stalled and even being pushed back
>ukrainians rallying, about to receive massive reinforcements from the draft
>russian forces completely demoralized and some are even surrendering
>civilians capturing russian soldiers in sumy
>the big hyped up missile attack tonight on kyiv turns out to be a single rocket that gets shot down by ukranian AA
>despite russian claims, ukraine still has working AA systems and is even able to launch an occasional MiG
>russian economy collapsing from only the first round of sanctions
>about to be disconnected from SWIFT
>protests in all major cities at home