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Interesting take on Russia/Ukraine Conflict from Red Pill Youtuber:

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>Russia could destroy Ukraine
>Russia doesn't want to though
>Russia wants to capture civilian infrastructure (electrical, water supply etc.) intact
>Russia wants to minimize civilian casualties as much as possible and install puppet government in the Ukraine sympathetic to Russia
>Russia avoids serious resistance and encircles it
>Russia wants to capture Ukrainian Army intact even
>Russia doesn't want to alienate Ukrainian populace
>Generals of Ukraine and Generals of Russia went to military academies together and are "drinking buddies".
>Western governments want dumb civilians to think this conflict is like marvel comic books (hurrr we're deh good guys and dey is bad)
>Zelensky regime doesn't care about causing a humanitarian crisis, handing out weapons to civilians and teaching civilians to throw Molotovs to foment conflict against professional Russian soldiers and to die needlessly so Ukrainian regime can garner sympathy from the world.
>Ukrainians forcibly conscripted, old men even, Ukrainians are not running from Russians but from being forcibly conscripted by Ukrainian regime.
>Winners don't forcibly conscript people
>Western idea of war different from Eastern Idea of War.
What do you think anons? Is he right? The video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vdiEABLFoo&t=1s