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Poland is Special, but Why?

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Not everybody wants to admit it, but Poland is special.

It is unique among the eastern European countries. We like to just throw them all in together as the "butthurt belt," but nobody who has interacted with eastern europeans of different background over longer periods can say that Poland does not stand out immensely.
All of them were raped again and again by each other and the east and west ove the centuries, but only Poland constantly reinvents itself as wends, sarmatians, the martyr of Europe etc. Notable among all of those reinventions is of course that they are always innocent victims, bullied by their neighbours and beaten in unfair wars they had no hand in causing.
Only Poland combines self-loathing with a seething hatred for everybody else.
Only Poland has a frustrated obsession with past slights, both real and imagined to such an extreme degree.
Only Poland (and Israel).

I want to know why. How come, despite their history being really not that special and them not being particularly victimized compared to others, they are the only nation aside from Israel who still cries so much about things they never experienced?