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What Shall We Do With the White People?

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What is the solution to the white problem /pol/? The fact is that something needs to be done about white people, the racism, privilege and oppression has been going for too long. But people are starting to wake up to this, like this proud PoC on AlterNet who says thing like they are:

>Privilege is the ability to deny reality by creating a bubble of willful ignorance around oneself.

>The mainstream media has, for the most part, moved on from the murder of Michael Brown and the gross violations of the black community's human rights by the police in Ferguson, Missouri. The twenty-four hour news cycle has a limited attention span; the corporate news media does not serve the public interest as it is first and foremost beholden to profits over people and truth-telling.

>When institutional racism is exposed--only the willfully ignorant and those who have cultivated their own stupidity are surprised by these glaring inequalities--there is a hostile reaction by many white folks because they are wedded to the lies of American meritocracy and "colorblindness".

>I prefer honest white supremacists. Their behavior is refreshing.

Such courage and bravery, this PoC truly says out it is, and its refreshing to see the comments agreeing with him.