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D.C. /pol/ Shooter Raymond Spencer dead; 3 hospitalized

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23-year Raymond Spencer dead by suicide.

1 woman, 2 men, & 16-year old girl shot. latter 3 hospitalized, in stable condition.

Spencer posted video of the shooting to /pol/ 3 minutes after it occurred, as police were responding:
mirror: https://streamable.com/yfgtj2

the video was filmed on the fifth floor of the ANA Van Ness apartment complex @ approx. 38.94275, -77.06175

he personally edited Wikipedia to reflect the news on the school he was shooting, with the note "Hope they catch him soon!" his user page is pictured

pictures of Spencer's apartment, where his body was found, with a poster of Yakub https://twitter.com/dcpolicedept/status/1517686052550582279