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WARNING: Nuclear War Imminent on 9th May 2022

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Russia is internally preparing its population for a nuclear war. Estimated date of occurrence: 9th May 2022, Russian WW2 Victory Day.

Picture related is a screen capture of Russian state media on 2nd May, depicting the nuclear warplan for Europe, later also included the nuclear warplan for the US mainland.

"Putin May Declare War Against 'World's Nazis' on 'Victory Day:' UK Official"

Stock up at least three months worth of canned food, water supplies and other essentials. Prepare at least two set of hazmat suits with changeable gas filter.

Hazmat suit example:

Human male requires at least 1200 calories per day to remain healthy, that is around 4 canned oil-dipped tuna (drinking also the oil). 1 cubic meter of water can last for 3 months with proper rationing and recycling, urine can be diluted with clean water to drink again.

This is NOT a drill. 9th May 2022, Russian WW2 Victory Day. Stay alive and rebuild.