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Putin Tactical genius ?

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Attack Kiev First
>Plan A: Ukraine surrender = win
>Plan B: Ukraine don't surrender = they have to send soldier from Donbass region to defend Kiev
>West have to sanction Russia hard because it's not just Donbass region. The sanction hit the west hard and barrely does anything to Russia.
>The fifth column reveal themself thinking Putin made a big mistake. He eliminate them.
>Western Company leave the country, losing an easy influence and softpower tool on Russian population. Make them Angry.
Retreat from Kiev
>Don't take territory just bomb Ukrainian army out in the open.
>Grind the Ukrainian Army with artillery and let them defend worthless territory instead of figthing them in easyly defendable cities.
>Ukrainian Army cannot retreat otherwise all narrative of "Ukraine is winning fall" and they will be killed in the process.
>Nato country send them weapons. Russia destroy them in the process.
>Western country x3 more for LESS amonth of gas.
>European industry less competitive in the world stage.
>European country see the US as a treat who want to take advantage of the situation. Will be reluctant to continue to be allies after the situation have calmed. Have created division among European countries and also with the US.
>Allies of the US now see it as weak and unreliable.
>Trust in $ and € all time low because of sanction and asset freeze.
>9 out of 10 most populous country on earth have either sided with Russia or remain Neutral.
>Rouble price higher than before the war.

So is Putin a tactical genius ?