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This is what they are distracting you from

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6 days ago I started nooooticing those images and lists floating around that show large scale industrial size food processing plants being burned down or sabotaged. I quickly nooooticed that every thread and every image was just a repeat of the same 20 or so facilities
5 days ago through the power of autism I began meticulously cataloguing and archiving every single instance of a major fire or incident at industrial size food processing plants, large farms, grain/cereal processing centers, and large warehouses that store fertilizer, ag related chemicals and large farming equipment going back to january 1st 2019

I have now caught up and finished the incidents for 2022, 2021, and 2020
I have completed 7 months out of 2019 and will do a second pass like I did for 2022, 2021, and 2020
even in this unfinished state you can see a clear pattern and escalation of incidents in 2022
Link to spreadsheet:

Link to version of spreadsheet that anyone can edit in realtime similar to google docs: https://ethercalc.net/=llxw951s03

an example of the size of the facilities in my list: the Tyson facility from 2019 was equal to 5% of all slaughtered cattle in the country by itself and its indefinite closure immediately increased the price of beef nationwide.