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Female Domination in Humanity Now Appearing

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This is what is going on in the world, it's the result of men getting soft and lazy making the true nature of women come out.
I have noticed that in the wild females of the animal species are the biggest, the best at hunting and most violent compared to the male counterpart.
Of course you ask why they aren't in control already.
That is because in the primitive age women had to deal with with both hunting and cooking which gave rise to the male dominance.
Human females have been held down and not allowed to grow into their natural forms.

Now with technology and the males being more at ease the females are now evolving into what they originally should have been.

Notice that females are getting bigger and more violent as well while the males are shrinking and becoming more docile.
The ones afraid of this are now making stuff like artificial wombs and sex dolls because they have lost their dominance.
Most of Asia is currently seeing a female dominated growth.
The future is 9:1 female to male.

>but testosterone
Female also have it and they have more estrogen which is the reason mothers are protective and violent while mood swings are also caused by this.
Females are biologically more violent and aggressive than males if not held down from birth.

The males are mostly the ones that show off and try to get attention, entire species devoted to just showing off and look beautiful.
Sound familiar? this is the female and male role of humans but it should be reversed.
Another example of males reversing the order of nature.
The good thing it is being fixed now, look at all the girly boys today and how many more women become to