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Christianity is the Backbone of Western Civilization

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ITT we discuss the message, teachings and history of The Holy Bible

People try to claim Christianity is at cause for all the globohomo, posting the faggy tik tok pastors and such, but those are all things from before the time of Christianity.

>had Eunuch priesthood
>the priesthood, Galli, are refered to as a third gender
>the priesthood thought their emasculation provides them with powers of prophecy

Or here a more extreme version:
>non binary priesthood called gala
>Men took on female names, songs refered to them in a dialect reserved for female characters
>Sumerian proverbs talk about the prieshood having anal sex with other men
>Ishtar was said to have 2 serventskurgarrū and assinnu which dressed in female clothing
>Several akkadian proverbs around the prieshood engaging in gay act regulary
>Akkadian hymn describes Ishtar transforming men into women

>Gary Beckman states that "ambiguous gender identification" was a characteristic of a category he refers to as "Ishtar type" goddesses

What they call progress is actually what Christianity has done away with.