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Russia vs Ukraine is the start of WW3, all brought to you by jews.

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Calculations by practitioners of gematria show that the sum of all the numbers in the dates of the start of both world wars coincides with the sum of the numbers from the start of the special operation in Ukraine. The number is 68.

Any global crisis, and especially the current one, caused by NATO's expansionist agenda which has resulted in Russia's special operation in Ukraine, certainly can have extreme global consequences if people aren't careful.

The global sanctions by Western countries on Russia and the constantly supply of NATO weapons is not helping the situation in Ukraine and indeed if people aren't careful, we may see world three!

The number '68' in gematria represents 'the big bang' - Here's the calculation:

1. World War I: 28/7/1914

28+07+19+14= 68

2. World War II: 01/09/1939


3. Beginning of the "special operation" in Ukraine: 24/02/2022