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Date: June 23rd 2022
Time: 18:00 BST - 19:30 BST
World: 500 (Free-to-play)
Secondary World: 562 (Free-to-play)

Make sure to take pictures, record video, and post it to their social media to give OSRS bad PR.

Be warned, they will likely ban you. If you do not want to be banned make an alternate account now, possibly on a VPN. Any swearing/slurs are auto muted so work around this. If you use one they will likely mute you but not immediately. They claim to have mods coming to the event to ban on site so you may want multiple accounts.

Type your email address such as JohnSmith+1234@ email server like gmail. You can make infinite accounts with the same email this way or use Temp mail (google it).

step 1. make account on https://oldschool.runescape.com/
step 2 download runelite https://runelite.net/
step 3. log in and finish tutorial island
step 4, click the door log out button, select world, go to world 500 (main event world on June 23rd 18:00 BST)
step 5. walk to the event site, a map bauble is on your minimap, a map of the pride walk is on the latest blogpost on the oldschool website.
step 6. harass gays.

Godspeed, repost this message info everywhere.

(Somebody take pic related and make sure to spread it - goodnight gentlemen, see you there tomorrow)