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Germany commits suicide, blames Putin

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Please send help! Humanitarian aid if possible too!

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) declared the second stage of the crisis in the gas emergency plan on Thursday. The reasons for this are the cuts in Russian gas supplies that have been in place since mid-June and the high prices on the gas market, he said in Berlin. The situation is currently “tense”, but security of supply is guaranteed.

"We have a disruption in the gas supply in Germany," said the minister. It is therefore necessary to declare the second of three stages in the emergency plan. The third would be the emergency level, only then can the state intervene in the market.

"Gas is a scarce commodity from now on," Habeck continued. "All consumers - in industry, in public institutions and in private households - should reduce gas consumption as much as possible so that we can get through the winter."

"The throttling of gas supplies is an economic attack on us," said the minister. Russian President Vladimir Putin's strategy is to stoke uncertainty, drive up prices and divide. Gas and energy are used as weapons against Germany. “We are in a gas crisis. Gas is now a scarce commodity. Prices are already high and we need to brace for further increases.”

All political measures would have to be taken "that we have enough gas". The top priority is now to fill the gas storage tanks. Alternative providers would be sought and renewable energies expanded. In addition, more gas must be saved.

> now comes the hypercopium:
The Greens politician emphasized that the trigger of this crisis was an external shock, "not the sloppiness of the German economy". Everyone living in Germany could make a contribution, even in summer. According to a study, gas consumption in German industry has fallen by eight percent in recent months.

And in private, one must multiply every small step by 41 million households. Only so they could make a difference after all and money could be saved.

>source: Die Welt