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Are Women Spiders?

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>suddenly they all became feminists
Its true women do fight with their mind, this isnt some master scheme of manipulation by women tho.

Jews pushed feminism, and the sexual revolution, cultural marxism, and critical theory. The last specially designed to destroy western values and tradition. They hate christian values. They always have. With their academic and media influence to spew these ideas upon society. Wasnt hard to sell
>Guys, embrace commitment free sex, as much as you want
>Ladies, this is "freedom", so sleep around, be used, you dont need a mans commitment. Look men are cheering it on.
Of course we can see how its all unfolded. Divorce, Broken families, single mums, fatherless delinquent kids etc
If they hadnt invented the pill the above would have been so prevalent, we would have alredy thrown these Jewish ideas in the toilet where they belong. But instead now we have the chemicals of the pill fucking up women and the environment. great.

the internet has made things worse by creating an endless abundance of online profiles. More men looking for sex so it favors women, but BOTH men and women are out there being low life pieces of shit. using and lying to each other.
I imagine the women starting out innocent, gets screwed over by "chad", then hes turned her into a bitter whore, so she off doing the same to others. some way of coping with a shit evil world.

>We are in no better position than a male spider looking for a female spider who will most likely eat him,
Chad is looking for a whores to use. Hes a spider.
If a woman emulating chad who hurt her, acts like a spider all she does is drive away decent men, or marry one, ruin her own marriage, destroy her family, and live out her days a single mum.
Does this sound like a sustainable life strategy?
No. So women arent spiders. A young women dreams of finding a man to love, keeping him, having his babies. Anything else is a perversion by this Jewish world.