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This thread is for NEETKINGS and those aspiring to be.
Share your stories, tips and wisdom how to live the comfy life.
Yes this is political. It is non-violent resistance.

>Pro NEET by choice
>Since 15 years on the force
>Seen some comfy shit

workflow for germanons:

>Go to ze Arbeitsamt
>Get Hartz4 (soon to be Bürgergeld which will be even better)
>Have Berufsberatung
>Actually show up to the appointment
>"Do you feel like you are able to work anon?"
>"Sorry I am a hardcore alcoholic I barely made it to this appointment. i am waiting for a therapy place." (drink beer before for extra effect)
>Get "unvermittelbar" premium membership forever
>they are nowadays not anymore allowed to sanction you in any way. you might get letters with appointments but you can just ignore them.

general tips for a happy NEET-life:

choose your living-space wisely. the more rural, the better. you will be able to afford much better living conditions with much less money. people around you will be conservative old people. no niggas and the like. have as much nature as possible. live sparingly, horde food, gear, entertainment and knowledge.
Learn to draw happiness from yourself instead of others.

Keep the thread comfy and be nice to each other. enjoy the seething wagies. they are always a good laugh.