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The world ended in 2012

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You know it to be true. Nothing has ever felt the same since that year.

The world was predicted to end on 21st December 2012. When that day came and passed, everyone thought "well it must have been bullshit then". But we were wrong. The end of the world didn't mean literal hellfire raining down and the Earth exploding and shit. But it meant the end of reality. The end of the logical, understandable world as we knew it up to that point.

Ever since 21/12/2012, nothing has been the same. The world has been more chaotic and unstable than ever before. Human beings are acting more unhinged and crazier. Fringe beliefs that almost nobody tolerated before 2012, have suddenly become normalised. The whole globe feels like it's disintegrating and collapsing.

The reason for this is because the world already ended. It's already over. 2012 was the end, we are living on Zombie Earth now. That is the reason why nothing makes sense anymore.