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The high stakes of recessive traits

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At one point, 50% of Americans had blue eyes. Today, only 27% do. What happened? Obviously migrants and mixing, but don't get the wrong idea. Recessive traits can GAIN ground. Recessive traits normally fluctuate between 25 and 50 percent of a population, only breaking through to 100 percent if they are deemed desirable and therefore being heavily selected for. It's the persistent recessive. The problem is, the USA receives migrants from places where the selection process is at stage zero causing the progress to reset. However, if the recessive trait is still deemed desirable, it can be expected to go back to 50% of population via mixing. Ideally, white countries with "recessive" traits would have closed borders and would be the ones sending people into neighboring countries and begining the selection process there rather than getting reset again and again. 6F-DIR