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Young White Man in 2022

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>tldr: what do young white men have to work for in the modern day and age?
>inb4 not white
I'm tan with brown eyes and dark hair, if you think that doesn't qualify as white that's allright, no need to shit up the thread about it

What's the point? What's the point in doing anything as a young white man in 2022?

I've been NEETing for the past few months but my mom is starting to pressure me into either going back to college or getting a job. The thing is I don't see a fucking point in any of it.

>Point number one
The thing I want most is to be independent of everything and everyone, but in the modern day that's simply not possible.
Right now I'm dependent on my parents, true, but if I were to get a job and move out I'd be dependent on both my job (aka wageslave) and either the bank (if I became a debtcuck) or my landlord (if I became a rentcuck). One way or another, I would be a slave until I died, always working for someone else so I could fulfill my basic necesseties.
I know this is the norm nowadays so people don't think much about it and just do it, but the way I see it this is unironically modern slavery.
If you're not working for yourself and are not self suffcient (which, again, is not really possible nowadays) you are a slave. I don't want to be a fucking slave, I'd rather go an hero.