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metzitzah bpeh, 9/11 etc etc

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All right listen up you fucking faggots.
I'm gonna die soon after being gangstalked for 7 years to the point where I can't even leave my apartment without hundreds of retards circling around me and just screaming in my ears. I'm very influential and when I'm gone your gonna need to take my place.

The kikes target the kids and try to memoryhole everything by repeating lies about white people all the time. Your job is easy.
Just repeat that jews did circumcision , metzitzah bpeh and 9/11.
These are foolproof redpills. The kikes will ridicule you, make avenger/superman hollywood movies about some fucking hero kike with superhuman abilities, just ignore them, hollywood is dead anyways.
Just become a robot and repeat that they did 9/11 and suck bloody baby dicks until we reach critical mass and just kick them out of our countries.

Also don't fall for any shilling against any other races, whites don't have the means to kick all of them out, but we can befriend them and just get rid of the jews.
it's a new ideology if you will.
Nobody, black or whites wants to die in a terrorist attack or have their bloody sucked off by a rabbi.

Gonna die soon, I have respiratory problems I gained from the severe gangstalking I have endured. Just target kikes , all the time , just kikes kikes kikes. never fukcing stop, just target the fucking kikes