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Summary of what transpired (courtesy of Swedanon):

1. So far found in two states and have the name with two letters and aquarium eg: "AT aquarium". And none are the same combination : Texas ["AT", "E C", "EH", "IC", "KG", "KL", "M A", "M G", "O R", "OS", "P E", "PX", "TA", "TD", "TF", "TS", "TU", "XK", "YP", "YS", "ZB"] and Ohio ["DI", "JN", "JR", "KG", "QW", "RR", "YM"].
2. They are listed with a range of numbers and not as a single house.
3. They are not listed as a company and haven't been found connected to anyone.
4. Theory: Brothels in Thailand with glass panels they keep the persons behind are called "aquarium" (sex trafficking: and overview page 13).
They are safe houses kept by the feds.
They are entrances to the tunnels.
Houses that makes and/or sells drugs.
5. locations marked ‘Bullring’ following a similar naming pattern (‘XY Bullring’) have been found in the proximity of Columbus, OH; Hartford, CT and Houston, TX.

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