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Summary of what transpired (courtesy of Swedanon):

1. So far found in two states and have the name with two letters and aquarium eg: "AT aquarium". And none are the same combination : Texas ["AT", "E C", "EH", "IC", "KG", "KL", "M A", "M G", "O R", "OS", "P E", "PX", "TA", "TD", "TF", "TS", "TU", "XK", "YP", "YS", "ZB"] and Ohio ["DI", "JN", "JR", "KG", "QW", "RR", "YM"].
2. They are listed with a range of numbers and not as a single house.
3. They are not listed as a company and haven't been found connected to anyone.
4. Theory: Brothels in Thailand with glass panels they keep the persons behind are called "aquarium" (sex trafficking: and overview page 13).
They are safe houses kept by the feds.
They are entrances to the tunnels.
Houses that makes and/or sells drugs.
5. locations marked ‘Bullring’ following a similar naming pattern (‘XY Bullring’) have been found in the proximity of Columbus, OH; Hartford, CT and Houston, TX. Same for ‘Auditor’ around Houston
6. Ostensibly some connection to nicelocal.com (most aquariums listed with ungainly phrased business descriptions)
7. Letters are potentially initials of property owners. Anon crossreferenced address with county appraisal records and found a match >>391866847

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