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(by OP again)

QRD anon discovers dozens of "aquariums" in small towns in Texas that all consist of two-initial names (EC Aquarium, HR Aquarium, etc.)
Each one is listed as an address block and not an actual house number.
All seem to be in small rural towns on lower class streets, not in cities.

UPDATE: Anon was trying to get the pin for O R Aquarium, Bruce Street, Bacliff, Texas to show up, as it doesn't work when they search for it. So they typed only Bruce Street, Bacliff, Texas. Of course the pin is right next to an upside down cross shaped elementary school, because what else could possibly be there.
Then they notice other strange pins around, like the "Cra" one. Clicking on "Cra" makes another one appear directly east, named "1WEATHER" (I think it's because both are listed as churches). Clicking on "1WEATHER" makes another pin appear, named "Prayer247". They know this is burgerland but these names look too fake to be real.
1WEATHER is listed as a bahá'í place which is some sandnigger religion apparently.

Whats even weirder is this is linked to another "aquarium" which funny enough has the same exact flag on their shack to store things "centex aquariums"

Anons going to see for themselves?
"Baha'i house of worship"

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