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by original OP again

QRD anon discovers dozens of "aquariums" in small towns in Texas that all consist of two-initial names (EC Aquarium, HR Aquarium, etc.)
Each one is listed as an address block and not an actual house number.

formula is 2 letters followed by aquarium. They are also labeled as businessed but arent on tax or copright records. Also all shows rando houses with stars out front on google maps. Logo and yard signs associated with shady ass CS (clearstar) site. At first was thought to be pajeet scam but that went to shit. No specific new lead other than witches but most likely still child trafficking.

Also new discoveries of "XX Bullring" have emerged (ex. YK bullring) and "XX Motorsports"
follows same pattern of weirds star and two letters

New theories suggesting links to witch cult scattered across these areas? Some say these are communities (covens) of satanic witches.

PASTEBIN WITH DOCUMENTED INFO ABOUT LOCATIONS: https://pst.klgrth.io/paste/y83ek
summary of investigation: https://pastebin.com/Chu5uSaL

links to past and current threads.
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Seems like this is more widespread than we thought