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the world is literally ending and most people dont care

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>Iran collapsing
>Ukraine war just got 10x worse
>Russian youth does not want to fight this bloodly war, hundreds of thousands attempting to flee
>Nuclear war literally one bad move away
>Cost of living sky rocketing
>World economy tetering one collapse
How the fuck do you see these things and think there is any future left? Infact, why do most still work and be slaves to a system that is about to fall? We are in the end times, there is no more meming. There is no more going back to before 2020. When we said the collapse would be slow, this is what we meant. It's been 2+ years of collapse and the ending is in sight.
May god have mercy on our entire existence.
Goodbye anons, just pray if the nukes do drop that it will be a quick ending.