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Something really bad is coming.

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So I'm accutely "Clairvoyant", since childhood. I don't have abilities on a whim nor can I "see the future". What happens is I have experiences, more intense dreams, nausea, and a sense of claustrophobia.

When a "big event" is going to happen, I get hints daily. Some would say "synchronicities", but mine are pronounced, to the point where other people in my life see them around me, and they're not remotely explainable.

One of the biggest, and rarest experiences for me is a Paranormal event will happen to me, by way of "UFOs". Yesterday was my first "contact" in over a decade. It was deliberate, I filmed it, and I was spoken to with 3 words, "look up here". I filmed the entire event, let's just say that.

Before yesterday I had a month of intense dreams and symbols, the "watched" feeling, and synchronicities which were off the charts. I meditated for the first time in a while. And I am clear on what I am "sensing".

A catastrophic event will happen soon. My sense is within America, but it's tied to war or political events around war. The event will be physically harmful to people, rather than political. I sense "shock" and a feeling of chaos. A feeling of "turning the world order" or exposing it. It will push people over their limit of what they can take and cause severe anger so much that people will riot. I sense a period of darkness and confusion, moreso than now. It will alter beliefs and political thought, that is certain.

I'm only saying this because I haven't had this feeling for a long while, not this intense or urgent. I'm sorry that I cannot be more specific. Just wanted to throw it out there.

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