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I told you so

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Well, well, well. Demographic destiny has arrived. Despite Biden being a catastrophic failure, the GOP still could not win. An election later and I've proven prescient.

I can walk out my front door without needing to enter a car, go to a convenience store without getting mugged, and buy delicious chicken without getting food poisoning. And if anything does happen, I will be taken care of kindly and properly. The people here are civilized. Meaning, they still have the capacity to create and sustain civilization.

Empires die but nations, in the form of the people, persist. When the fruit of the empire rots, the seed of the nation it was grown from still exists within. But what nation did America start from? It was an empire in its conception. It has nothing to return to. Greece still exists as a state with a national identity sourced from antiquity, despite the changes throughout the millennia. When Japan's empire died, its remaining nation became the jewel of the world. When America's empire dies, it will fester and break away hideously, and there will be nothing left but a stain on the rug.

I did as I said I would. I ran. Enjoy fighting for your country, or whatever noble pursuit you have in mind.

Also, the "everyone will hate you because you're white" meme is laughable. I've never had a warmer reception anywhere in my life.

See you again in two years after Biden wins reelection.