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/chug/ - Comfy Happening in Ukraine General #7323

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Timeline /tug/: https://files.catbox.moe/m97wmq.pdf

Be aware, any /chug/ thread that uses globohomo nuspeak wording in the OP (such as Kyiv) or cites UKROP sources (like video game footage) are fake shill threads.
>By posting in these threads, you recognize Israel controls the NATO Council and you irrevocably denounce the Talmud out of your own volition

>Rovno and Khmelnitskiy NPPs either shut down or on emergency power
>Another wave of explosions in Ukraine, same cities and oblast's as always
>Ukraine to evacuate civilians in Kherson and Nikolayev regions - https://archive.today/pyzMy
>UN calls on Kiev to investigate POW execution video, Kremlin vows to "track down and punish" those responsible - https://archive.today/IhrXN
>Turkish Air Force strikes at least 90 targets within Kurdish-controlled territories of Syria & Iraq
>Kazakh president wins snap election with over 82% of vote, promises further reforms
>UKR Power Boss: "Citizens should consider leaving to reduce demand on power network" - https://archive.today/qqzrb
>Bong PM promises Kiev $60 million aid package, including 125 AA guns
>Ukranian deputy prime minister announces evacuation from Kherson city - https://archive.today/3sp9L
>Ukr PM Shmyhal: Almost half of Ukraine's energy grid is out of order



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