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Ye is the real deal. He's literally the only one left that is speaking truth to POWER. Everyone else is a fucking shill or MIGA tard. America First ....

It's funny because I see alot of people saying, Kanye West never was into that conspiracy stuff and all of a sudden now hes talking about all this and that. I have fucking news for you idiots. I've been following YE for a long time and early back in the early 2000's we had a website called USTREAM, People streamed on this site including YE. YE was in the studio recording and I saw him sitting there reading William Cooper's book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, In that book was the protocols. YE has been like this forever, you can't stop GREATNESS and you can't stop TRUTH. POWER TO THE PEOPLE, YE 24. I'm sick and tired of the lies, YE is dedicated to keeping America First, He wore the redhat he supported Trump and Trump turned on us and now its YE's turn.