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What are the political implications of man having absolutely zero freedom in modern society?

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Seriously, you can't do anything. Even in countries that take pride in their freedums like the USA, what you are actually allowed to do without consulting the government is miniscule. If you want to do anything that isn't just wagie-ing for the system and buying meaningless shit, you have to beg the government to allow you. Starting a business is hell because of the endless licenses and restrictions that favor massive corporations that find these things trivial, and you'll have trouble competing anyway. Being independent is virtually impossible. If you want to start a community, even if you get the permits for building your homes and facilities, for hunting and fishing and everything you need to survive, EVEN THEN you will probably end up getting cucked because the local water supply is poisoned from some farm using pesticides nearby. So even if the government graciously gives you permission to live how you want, and you find land that isn't already owned and in use, still the land and water will probably be poisened and fucked from whatever industrial society bullshit is going on nearby.

The WEF wants us to eat bugs and live in pods but honestly we are already 90% there because most of us are trapped in modern corporate wagie hell with no way out. The bugs and pods are really just the cherry on top if you think about it. Ted was right...