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Why are white men so self conscious?

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Particularly left wing men. Anytime they jump into a topic they are so self deprecating and pitiful it makes me cringe.
>Yeah, I am just a "white guy" doing xyz. Big whoop. Indigenous people do this all the time!
>I know I am privileged for doing x, and I have a lot to be thankful for
>You know, I am just a first world white dude covering this topic but-
I cannot describe to you the amount of self hatred that is radiating off these people. They are like black holes that just suck up anything good and turn it into shit, unironically just like trannies. They ruin any topic or any conversation they get into by belittling themselves and their culture, which often times they know nothing about.

I joined an archery club, as well as a HEMA/folk wrestling club and there are 4 people who fit this bill. Anytime they open their mouths its some variation of belittlement, angst and self hatred all wrapped up in a smug comment.
>Pffft. Look at this white guy doing archery
>Haha, look at this white dude trying to throw hands
Its so fucking sad but also so grating. I think next time one of those onions fucks opens their mouths I am going to pop it shut.