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politics and tism the comfy corner /rant/ edition

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i will go first.
a little about me:
my name is anon, i am die hard right, i absolutely want to murder leftists.
i do like the idea of National Socialism but in reality will be voting DeSantis should he choose to run.

i have some tism, and i absolutely hate looking people in the eye.
i hate it, i have always hated it.
it feels like what i would imagine nails on a chalkboard feels like in relation, in terms of annoyance.
it is almost painful, but after a lifetime of doing it,
i have trained myself to look people in the eye and stare them down when necessary, but i genuinely hate it.
i see everything, i see every movement in the room, there is no reason i need to look right at you.

please list your political affiliation and or beliefs,
and what you dislike about tism or want people to understand more.
this is not a data mining thread, fuck off d&c losers.
if you do not want to share, do not share.
just sick of all the threads right now, and want somewhere for the regulars to hang and point and laugh at the other threads.

rant 0n