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Potent Sun Spot Could Unleash Doomsday

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Sunspot 3184, the strongest of three active spots, has just rotated around the Sun's horizon and is now turning towards Earth.

It has already release an X-Class solar flare today (the strongest tier.)

As the spot begins to aim directly at Earth, scientists put the odds of another X-class flare at 40%. A strong X-class can release a powerful Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) which disrupt Earth's magnetic field.

We have not had a truly severe Geomagnetic Storm since 2004. It has been even longer since we've had a cataclysmic storm. You have to go back to 1859 for something of that scale--we are due.

Everyone feels that this timeline in teetering on the verge of chaos. Could this be the big one? The one that pushed us over the edge?

A severe enough storm could essentially EMP any electronic system. Satellites and the Power Grid are at particular risk.