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things only a white father would do

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A brave father lost both of his legs after trying to defend his two young daughters when a mechanical road snow blower crashed into them at a ski resort in Northern California.
Dave Miln and his wife Clare were taking three-year-old Isla and one-year-old Anna to ski lessons at Mammoth Mountain on the morning of December 15 when the vehicle ran into them.
The Australian Defence Force veteran, who had been living in San Diego, California, threw himself over the children to try to stop them from being pulled into the machine.
He managed to keep Anna under his body, but Isla sustained significant injuries, with Dave trapped in the machine for more than an hour until rescuers were able to free him and relocate to a hospital. Dave remained conscious throughout the experience.
Dave's injuries resulted in a double amputation - one above the knee of the left and one below the knee on the right.
He also broke both femurs, his pelvis, a number of his lower vertebrae, a sacral and three ribs.
Isla suffered breaks in both of her legs and her pelvis, along with other wounds. She has undergone several surgeries and is expected to make a full recovery.