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"Greater Ukraine" and Its Geopolitical Implications

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Lately there has been an upsurge of memes and discussions in regards to "Greater Ukraine" or "Ukrainian Empire" among NAFO and other pro-Ukrainian spaces on Twitter. While much of it has relegated itself to annexing Belgorod and Russian territories in the Don and Kuban regions claimed by Ukraine during the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, often times the conversation veered towards claiming the entirety of the Pontic steppe reaching the Urals and the Caspian shore. Claims on Polish territories like Przemysl have been discussed as well, albeit to a lesser extent due to Poland's current military alliance with Ukraine.

While this may just look like hollow nationalist posturing at a time when the Bakhmut front is collapsing (concurrent with a recent proposal by President Zelenskyy to rename Russia to "Muscovy"), there's another side to this. A slew of legislations passed by the Ukrainian government in the past few years, most notably Bill 5371 last August, effectively removed the barriers for foreign corporations like BlackRock and Monsanto in buying and owning Ukrainian land. As a result, there has been a spike in property prices and rent in Ukraine, which combined with the deteriorating military and economic situation and dissatisfaction over conscription could prove devastating to wartime morale. Perhaps there's an ongoing campaign to rally the Ukrainian public with promises of affordable land following the long-touted Russian defeat.

What do you think, /pol/? Are land reparations Ukraine's way forward? Will the international community go along with this bold new direction?