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https://files.catbox.moe/dgfi5q.mp4 (Arizona admitting servers have IoT capabilities, ergo its connected to the internet; ergo intelligence agencies freely come in and out because Arizonas machine are not airgapped as sensitive government servers should be)

If American globalists fall; the rest of the worlds globalists fall.
Call/email/text your local Representative (whether you live in Arizona, the U.S.A, or not, this applies everywhere, the tentacles of this beast reach far and wide to your local precinct lurker;.) Find district here https://irc-az.maps.arcgis.com/apps/instant/lookup/index.html?appid=424810a4667049388ef6df4f0c73098b
Acquire district number and check your district representative.
You dont have to vote. Sternly tell them you will not vote for them if they do not install VOTER ID and offline machines. Even if it's a bluff (if you dont vote)
Physical access always TRUMPS encryption.
& in yesterdays trial; they proved mishandling of over 170k ballots (Kari lost by 17k (.7% margin alleged loss), her attorney general Hamadeh which would wreck everything the corrupt uniparty is up to; lost by 700 votes. Yes 700.) See: >>427451787

Moreover, after the Judge granted Kari's cyber team to look into the machine record logs forensically (there are experts here who worked for Exxon, Disney, big corp, etc) THEY have confirmed that Arizona officials LIED about testing (L&A protocol, look it up) machines before Election Day (month.) see >>427452101

The hearing is still live right now: YT Mirror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGWWBuFPnYQ
Timestamp for the excerpt regarding backdoors is around 37 minutes after the hearing started.
Follow along the thread for more developments. (Not enough text covered in OP)