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zoomer tits with no bras

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have you guys noticed this shit? is no bra the new yoga pants fad???

its like every zoomer girl you see now wears no bra with a mildly see through shirt. you can always see the nipples and even piercings. when i grew up girls would be embarrassed if their bra strap slipped out from under their shirt sleeve or something.

now girls are just walking around with their tits showing like its no big deal? i see this ALL the time it was not just a one off random slut. if i had to estimate, i would say about 7 out of every 10 zoomettes i see have no bra and nipples protruding. and i would say about 9 out of 10 are always walking around showing their entire belly button with some crop top

its fun to look at but wtf i wouldnt let my own gf or wife do that let alone daughter. wtf is going on here