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Josh Bornstein - a leftist kike lawyer from Ausfailia - is whining that someone used his name to write an article demanding the death of all Palestinians.


This is the article someone wrote using his name: http://archive.is/6pzYT (he actually got one of the archive.is snapshots taken down under "copyright" claims, so take screenshots while you still can)

This is a perfect opportunity, /pol/. We need to give this kike the Ben Garrison treatment. We need to turn him into Josh "Destroy the Goy" Bornstein - the most evil and vicious Zionist killing machine who ever lived. We need to attach his name and picture to quotes demanding the death of all non-Jews. We need to spread these quotes to Palestinian websites. And, of course, we need to spread stories about how Josh "The Ten-Ton Terror of Tel Aviv" Bornstein kills non-Jews like flies.