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Rouble has gone bonkers, can you deal with him?

USD - 65RUB, EUR - 73RUB, Oil - $50
USA minimum wage - 8$ per hour/1280$ per month
Gabon minimum wage - 1.84$ per hour/325$ per month
Russia minimum wage - 0.54$ per hour/95$ per month

Why are we here? We are here because posting on 2ch.hk (russian 4chan) is no longer safe: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/0274242811894097a9d79f789002aab0/dozens-russia-imprisoned-social-media-likes-reposts

This general is about the social life and economics of modern Russia. You can ask about Russia here, you will get honest answers.
For russians: we encourage you to use english, despite how bad it might be.
For non-russians: 4chan changes some cyrillic letters to latin ones for some reason, rendering google translate useless. You might want to use yandex or start learning russian.

What are we doing here? Some of the people here are traders on stock markets. That's why there are all these graphics, charts, prices and shit. Some people are trying to predict how things will go in the future.

Actual news about Russia in english: https://meduza.io/en

We're still fighting back from kremlin bots, force them to sit on bottles, make bets with our anuses, predict stock rates. With more than 2200 threads of wasted budgets, thousands of chart candles, and hundreds of stable deposits now in the past, we are: finding out where jew reptilians are hiding, why everybody sucked dick, except for us, how to lose 15 years of oil income in JUST one year, how to drop your spaghettos in front of the entire world in such a way that everyone thinks it's part of your ingenious masterplan, how to lose everything and not lose yourself in this hard time of troubles.