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Turkey Caught Fabricating Story Of Who Is Responsible For "Military Coup"

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I told you mother Fuckers that Erdogan was behind this bullshit. The curtain has been pulled.

I can't believe this "coup" was executed in such a sloppy fashion. At least Erdogan could have hired better actors to make it more believable.

> The government has accused Gen. Akin Ozturk of being the ringleader of the coup, though he told prosecutors he did not plan or direct it. The Anadolu news agency, relying on prosecutors, initially said Ozturk had confessed to a role in the coup, but later retracted that report.

> So why did Turkey initially cast blame on the former Air Force commander only to scrub the story? Simple: it found an easier way to scapegoat Erdogan's US-based nemesis, Fethullah Gulen. Namely, after the fact, the "prosecutor" decided that it is far better for Ozturk to blame the "Gulen movement" than to take responsibility personally... which he has promptly done.

> Sauce: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-18/turkey-caught-fabricating-story-who-responsible-military-coup