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It's time to come clean.

I don't know what you did to me, /pol/. But god damn. Being here as unironicly changed me. For better or worse, I'm not sure. I still like Bernie over everyone else, but I'm voting Trump.

I'm sure as all of you guys know, Correct The Record is spamming the board like nogs do for no-strings gibs. Here's more confirmation. I was one of the guys in charge of organizing this shitshow, so I can offer some hard numbers. Believe me at your own peril.

About 95% of the #mentallyhill shilling? CTR. The other 5% is assorted shitposting. I kid you not. There are SJWs, jews, and pissy Bernouts on here 24/7 trying to earn dem pennies. Funny thing? Most of them only like Hillary ironically, or not at all. It's the easy money they're after. And yes, they are paid extra for replies that distract from topics CTR doesn't like. DO NOT REPLY TO SHILLS.

The fucky polls? If what I heard from the CTR Clinton foundation contact was right, then most of the news polls are cooked if the result doesn't favor Hillary. Lodsa money is trading hands because that's all CTR / Clinton Foun can do. Throw money at problems. There's no strats, no thinking things through, no trying new things, it's just LOL BRIBE THEM.

Why is CTR trying so hard? Because places like /pol/ scare them. Most normies on facebook and twatter will take what is said to them at face value, but /pol/ throws logic and dedication to beliefs back at shilling. Shilling has always worked before, but now it's not. It's frightening to them. That fright turned to true horror when /pol/ started to leak into other places like facebook. That's why CTR got such a huge budget raise. To fight here and on other boards / websites all at once. The onboarding for more shills is still ongoing, so It's only going to get worse.

Stay strong and keep dispensing red pills, /pol/. $hillary has no real support and can't win if you keep pushing back.

Tl;dr : CTR is real and is here. Sorry for helping them.