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Red-pilling Season!

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People are waking up and goes thousand-fold to Trump's rallies. They are fed up with the system and being politcally correct. At the same time people in Europe and all over the world are watching the elections, and a nationalism is gaining support through Europe fueled by the refugee crisis.

This is our chance guys, and we are stupid if we do not utilize this momentum we have gained in light of the elections. We must red-pill as many people as possible, or else we will almost guaranteed see an uprising of controlled opposition (alt-right against islam), which will decimate white people and restrict our freedom of speech for good.

I have compiled about 200 red-pilled audiobooks and over 5000 books in a pastebin link which i will post at the bottom of the post. Let us post ideas on how we should distribute some pills.

> Buy cheap memory-sticks (50-100 for 4$ a piece from DX.com etc.)
> Organize the material, finding the best books on each subject (race, history, philosophy), as well as adding pictures and other sources. Trust-worthy sources.
> Put it into different folders, give some short content descriptions and say welcome to the red-pill.
> Copy over to the memory sticks and distribute to based guys at Trump rallies.