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#BLAXIT Thread Two

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This is too funny not to have an active thread going

Niggers are threatening to leave the US and take their 21 greatest accomplishments with them when they leave. They include:

>1. The NFL, NBA, and NCAA football/basketball
>2. Beyonce
>3. The Obamas
>4. tRap music
>5. Real lips, butts, and melanin
>6. The word “Fleek”
>7. Neil Degrasse Tyson
>8. Every invention by black people
>9. Our 1.2 trillion dollar annual buying power
>10. The whip and nae nae
>11. Rhythm
>12. Soul food
>13. Oprah
>14. Cornrows
>15. Gospel music
>16. Will Smith
>17. Morgan Freeman’s voice
>18. Michael Jackson, Prince, and Whitney Houston’s entire catalogs
>19. Shondaland
>20. HeLa Cells
>21. Cadillac